Thanks starbucks!

Posted 2 weeks ago      

Why do fast food worker ask me if I’d like to try something, then charge me for saying yes??? I thought you were offering, not upselling.

Take that Michael Bay!

Anyone else think that we should band together and start our own country.

It would be the most awesome, sdrawkcab place on the planet.

The “N.o.T.(Nation of Tumblr)” awaits our arrival.

Single people at v-day parties remind me of zombies but instead of brains they are all likeimage

Just making out with Sarah Jessica Parker

The other day I was thinking to myself:

"Valentines day is coming up, I should probably go get a girlfriend."

Then I checked my email(unrelated) and Elder Scrolls Online Beta was all like: 

"Shhhhhhhhhhh, no shhhhh, stop, come here, I’ve got you."